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Another new system for Featuring songs HELP NEEDED

Jan 07 2015 01:12 PM | ~Star~ in Notessimo

So I've decided the system with which we feature songs needs to be updated again. This because of the factor that under the current system only one song can be featured a month, and as we saw last month, there were several songs which all were completely feature worthy that now can never be featured under the new system. As the content we create exceeds the limitations of the new system, I would propose a new system which allows:
A. There being no definite limit on the time frame in which a song is posted to it's being featured
B. All users on the site having equal authority in the decision to feature a song.

However, in line with the second criteria, I wanted the new system to also be composed by all of the users of this site as well, so that the final system we end up with will be adequate for the future and everyone will be satisfied with it. So please, suggestions for the system will be wonderful. I will be periodically be checking this thread for new replies and will oversee the creation of this new system personally. Please post any suggestions you have here, for all to see.

Alrighty so a few comments have trickled in, and I wanted to set some preliminary rules before we implement the system, just so anyone who reads this can get a rough idea of what I want to happen.

Rules for nomination:
1) A user cannot nominated his/her own work of any kind to be featured. Such posts will be considered spam and for repeated offenses warnings and bans will be issued to offending parties as the moderation team sees fit.
2) All songs in all categories may be requested, from any period in time. The only songs not able to be requested are those which are already featured. (#statingtheobvious)
3) Any user may nominate a song, and any user's song may be nominated. The poll system will be the final judge of whether or not a song may be featured. Please avoid double-posting when possible, however in the circumstance that a user returns to the thread to request a new song and there has not been any new posts within three days or more, a double post may be made to call attention to the new request. In all other situations, please edit your post.

Rules for voting:
1) Once a song is properly nominated, it shall be voted on to determine whether or not it is featured. Users may vote yes/no, or both to indicate that they saw the song but wish to abstain from voting (PLEASE DO THIS IT HELPS US KNOW HOW MANY VOTES A SONG SHOULD NEED BEFORE BEING FEATURED). The number of votes a song must achieve before being featured is currently 10, and negative votes will count against the song (i/e a song needs 10 votes to be featured and has 4 votes yes and 1 vote no, the song needs 7 more votes for yes to be featured). There will also be a negative votes limit to decide that a song which has been requested should not be featured. There is no limitation on voting, a user may change his/her vote on a song as often as they wish, or remove them.
2) The period within which a song may be considered will be indefinite so long as the poll does not become overly cluttered. In that situation, new limits on the number of votes a song needs may need to be discussed by all and implemented. If any one song has become an outlier (i/e the one song cannot seem to gain votes in either direction while multiple songs are being featured/removed regardless), the song may be called into question by any user (including the original poster of the song) to highlight it for either feature or removal from the poll.
3) Any user may vote on a song, including the original poster and the user who nominated a song. However, all votes are considered equal in all respects, no one's vote counts for more or less than anyone else's.

Rules for featured songs:
1) Once a song is featured, it is featured. Songs will only be removed from the featured list by request of the original user to a moderator.
2) If you wish to update your song, please edit the already featured post it was made to, rather than creating a new post for it. Once a song has been featured, it cannot be requested for re-feature, nor can the original be removed and replaced with the new version. Covers (even covers of previously featured songs) are not in any way affected by this rule.

Rules for songs removed after voting (without being featured):
1) A song may be renominated indefinitely, so long as the rules for nomination are met (that is to say, just because someone else nominated your song and it failed to be featured does NOT mean YOU can nominate your own song now). I would ask for user discretion in this area (please, if a song isn't going to make it, don't renominate it over and over).
2) If you nominate a song that has been nominated previously and failed, you must indicate so in your post.
3) After the first round of voting on a song, a song will have to achieve a higher standard the second time around to be featured, and the limit it will have to reach to fail will be lower (i/e it would need more upvotes to succeed but less downvotes to fail). This only applies to the second time on, and the amount of votes required will be static after the second round.

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New system to Feature a Song!

Aug 21 2014 01:34 PM | Fran5 in Notessimo

Well.. sorry for my english :)

As you may know, I created a topic (see here: http://www.notessimo...-feature-songs/) where I've proposed a new way to feature songs.
That will be:
-An open topic where users can "nominate" songs
-A poll where users vote the "nominated" songs

So, I hope this will be good for feature songs of new users and many other things

Well.. the idea is the following

On the 4th week of every month, a topic will be opened and users may nominate songs following certain requirements

-Each user may nominate at most one song per category (cover or original)
-Each song must be composed in the current month
-A user can not nominate a song composed by him/her
-Any nominated song mustn't be featured before in Notessimo
-Any nominated song mustn't be nominated before in the current month
-Any user can not have more than three nominated songs each month

Then, a Poll will be opene, with the songs.

-Each user can vote up one time
-Moderators vote counts x2. Starburst vote counts x3
-A user can not vote a song composed by him/her

And finally, most voted song in each category (cover and original), and most voted song by normal user (neither maestro nor mod) will be featured.

Please leave your comments, and star nominating here

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The Notessimo Community Collab 2012

Jul 27 2013 11:48 PM | Tsukasa in Notessimo

Posted Image

-description not done-

Congratulations on all who have participated!

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New Player and Subreddit!

Jun 28 2013 11:04 PM | Starburst in Notessimo

The new player is now online with tons of new features like zooming, changing volume, fullscreen, scrolling, background, etc. It should perform much better than the old one (can anyone confirm that it is indeed smoother than V2?).

A few bugs are still left but it should sound 99% like V2 for most songs. Also this run on V3 engine so expect a Closed Beta for Mods (and a few members) very soon and for everyone else, you'll be able to listens to their songs until the release which will be very soon too.

You can also embed songs everywhere on the site using the Notessimo BBCode:

Or pasting the link without any format:

Also I created a Subreddit for Notessimo, I thought it could be a great place to submit songs from the site so if you are interested check it out! If any of you want to be mods on the subreddit, just send me a pm and I'll see.

Posted Image

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Notessimo v3 Teaser

May 24 2013 08:53 PM | Tsukasa in Notessimo

Starburst has released an early screencap of the brand new Notessimo build! Looks like a lot of things have been implemented, including irregular time signatures, a sampler, a timeline, and a lot more tools and instruments to use!


(Thanks to Cat, Sonfax, and of course, Starburst and the team!)

Posted Image

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