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  1. Community Collab 2012 (QVX's Part)

    -Added sheets 68-70
    -Added the second half of sheet 67 (Continuing on the solo TRB started)

    -Sheet 69
    -Measure 1337
    -797th second (13:17) [I just had to :P]

    Sorry it's a tad late guys...but it's still Saturday in most of America. And timezones are VERY different between here (Australia) and there.

    Enjoy my 2:07 addition :)

  2. CommCollab 2012

    Gochisou-sama deshita (You were a feast). (Such is their custom after eating.)

    Things I Did to the Song:
    Added Sheets 63, 64;
    Merged Sheet 3 into Sheet 2;
    Merged Sheets 6-7 into Sheet 5;
    Merged Sheet 15 into Sheet 9;
    Edited Sheet 10;
    Merged Sheets 19-20 into Sheet 18;
    Merged Sheet 22 into Sheet 21;
    Merged Sheets 26, 23 into Sheet 25;
    Edited Sheet 27;
    Merged Sheets 30-31 into Sheet 29;
    Laughed at Sheet 32;
    Merged Sheets 34-36 into Sheet 33;
    Merged Sheet 40 into Sheet 39;
    Merged Sheets 42-45 into Sheet 41;
    Accompanied Solo in Sheets 54-55;
    Laughed at Sheet 32;
    Merged Sheets 61-62 into Sheet 60;
    Edited Sheets 3, 6, 7, 8, 9;
    Edited, Added "Community Collab 2012" to Sheet 0;
    Edited, Added "Starring" to Sheet 1;
    Laughed at Sheet 32.

    tl;dr: Did a lot of merging.

    On another note, this is not the usual volume I work with (which is softer).

    I pass the torch on / To the next man after me. / Godspeed, TRB.

  3. Notessimo Community Collab (My Part)

    I did a lot of mixing, rather than really working, but I hope you enjoy anyways!


    | Added sheets 36, 38, 39, 40, and 41 |

  4. Community Collab (part 10/26)

    Well, from being sick all week I only got today to work on this. (posting today since I can't tommorow)

    -added 33-35

    Dynamyte! is next

    • Mar 28 2013 04:00 PM
    • by Muci
  5. My part of the community collab

    Hopefully you guys wont concider this as spam...
    I've been listening to my part of the community collab quite a bit recently. The rest of the song is AMAZING too, but it's quite anoying having to go through the other sheets when i sometimes just want to listen to my own part. Therefore i uploaded this version for when i just want to listen to my own part.


  6. Notessimo 2012 Commuinity Collab {UPDATE #4}

    I still think it should be the 2013 community collab...

    PS: Thanks for letting me be a part of this!