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  1. 2nd Loudest Song On Notessimo

    LOWER DOWN THAT VOLUME!!! This is my 2nd loudest song on notessimo.

  2. In High Spirits (finished)

    An old song that I did just for fun... and now I finished it.


  3. Loudest Song On Notessimo

    This song causes SERIOUS LAG!!! If you do not pay attention to these instructions, this song will most likely break your speakers, your computer, your eardrums, and your legs.
    Lower Down Your Volume To As Low As Possible Without Muting The Song. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ashley/George collab

    a little bit more on it...

  5. The Brothers

    Well sheet 14 and 18 we are still working on... but we wanted to really see what you thought about the "solos" in those 2 sheets. (and sheet 19 the drum solo)

  6. On A Stick

    I changed the feel of it... mabeh a little too much... I dont know

  7. ↕Stuck↕

    I'm just shoving this here 'cause  I know my computer will delete it or something again

  8. The Chase

    old song that im bringing back out and making a full song out of it...

    like it so far?

  9. Soarin' (George and Wolfe collab)

    Well there you go, there is possible volume issues, you can fix um if you want.

    On sheet 12 should the male voices change their riff?

  10. Collab (Ashleh/George)

    yea... so far

  11. GCVL / TFB

    Thought I would work a little on this again TFB.

  12. StucK^^^2

    Well here are some ideas I had...

  13. Breakneck Speed (3rd installment)

    I really want to know what you guys think of this...

    so please leave a comment :D

  14. Battle (Lego Stop-Motion FINISHED!!!)

    Well its finished!
    I did not do the music for the intro and credits the artist is unknown

  15. Stuck 1123581321

    Proof George can make any sort of noise found on Notessimo into an epic song...

    just some stuff I did can be found on the new sheets
    Do what you'd like with them

  16. Collab (George/Hipsta)

    'Ere you go.

  17. An Extention Of Reality

    I like the name...

  18. Unamed so far

    A collab by me and george, ITS YOUR TURN -XD-

  19. Keeping It Interesting.

    Been awhile... Ill work on it more later


    if ma paentin' dont geet in da wae xD

  20. GCVL / TFB

    I cant think of much

  21. It’s oh so Quiet

    I dont want this anymore you can take it (by you I mean anyone)

  22. Battle song (UPDATE)

    this is the song that was in the vid. a longer bit... but still not done

  23. In High Spirits (short version for a friend)

    About 30 secs (for someone)