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  1. ╙╪ StucK╙╪

    Well I think its almost done...

  2. ↕Stuck↕

    Well here it is, it was a lot of fun to make... I hope its as fun to listen too.


    George C. Van Liew/Spacepixel

  3. ↕Stuck↕

    I'm just shoving this here 'cause  I know my computer will delete it or something again

  4. collab

    I think I messed up and ended it too early... what do you think george?

  5. Canon - George Winston Remix

    Ladys, Gentlemen....first of all it was merely a test song, I decided afterwards to complete it but i wasn`t very active on it so it sure has taken long time to finish it blah blah blah...press play and comment it.

    Played and improvised from Youtube


    #Edit: For better listening please use the old player and set the tempo on 140 cuz i don't know how to update this song...thank you.

    • Sep 25 2013 12:37 PM
    • by Dante
  6. Breakneck Speed (finished)

    Well everyone, it's been a long time in the making, here is...

    Breakneck Speed


  7. Breakneck Speed (3rd installment)

    I really want to know what you guys think of this...

    so please leave a comment :D

  8. Breakneck Speed (2nd installment)

    Well Im gana just keep workin on this one...

  9. Breakneck Speed

    Somthing im starting (going to take more time with this one)

    wadya 'tink guyz?

  10. Battle song (UPDATE)

    this is the song that was in the vid. a longer bit... but still not done

  11. Battle song (FOR MY STOP MOTION VID)

    *Watch this (unfinished) vid please!*


    This is a stop motion lego starwars video I did with the original song I made on notessimo... myself...

    So happy *cry* I finaly used a song I made on notessimo for somthing! *sniff*

  12. Battle for the Metropolis.(Finished[George/Teddy])

    Finally... Finished... Hope you approve Teddy.


  13. Battle (Lego Stop-Motion FINISHED!!!)

    Well its finished!
    I did not do the music for the intro and credits the artist is unknown

  14. Ashley/George collab

    a little bit more on it...

  15. Ashleh/Georgeh collab

    been awhile since I posted anything... I might not keep any of this but... meh.

  16. An Extention Of Reality (your turn now aliens)

    worked more on the pianers... :D

  17. An Extention Of Reality

    I like the name...

  18. A Vanishing Age

    This is an old song of mine.

    I listened to it and saw/heard a part that was just horrible and I had to fix it, xD! (I also spruced up a couple of other things.) It’s not the best, but there are parts of it I like.


  19. 2nd Loudest Song On Notessimo

    LOWER DOWN THAT VOLUME!!! This is my 2nd loudest song on notessimo.