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  1. Loop

    Short Loop.


  2. Tiny Tiger: Ode To Your Sweet Nose (Emily's Song) (LOOP)

    Surprise.  A new, original song.

    Please read this.

    I actually wrote this for my cat.  That may sound a bit silly, but let me finish.  You see, Emily (the cat) is seventeen years old.  She's had a LOT of health problems lately, including hypothyroidism, depression, and possible thyroid cancer.  She hasn't eaten since Thursday (I don't think she can swallow anymore).

    She is the BEST cat I could ever ask for (besides her sister, Samantha, who's the same age and lives with us, too; she's helped comfort her.).  She is remarkably smart, cute, and playful.  It just hurts me so much to think that she's had to suffer through all of this.  My family's decided to put her down this afternoon.

    I've been working on this song since Saturday.  I think it's really helped me through the whole ordeal.  So whether you like the song or hate it, I don't care, because it's what I needed, and that's all that matters to me.

    I don't have a proper ending to the song because I couldn't come up with a good enough finale.  So, I've made it a loop (sort of).

    It never really ends.

  3. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

    I'm probably not gonna finish this.

  4. The Chase ([Loop]Finished)

    A song I did a long time ago, that I finished now...


  5. Woah!

    Yea yea