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  1. Mega Man 10 - Polluted Pump (Pump Man) [v3]

    This song feels so jetlag.

    Watch on YouTube
    Inspired by Gencoil's cover.

  2. MegaMan Battle Network 6 - Title Screen

    A friend of mine requested this.

    Watch on YouTube

  3. Mega Man 3 - Magnetic Generator (Magnet Man)

    Decided to do a different cover of this guy's theme.

    Inspired by the Megas' track: Don't Mess with Magnetman.

    JJJ's cover

  4. Mega Man 3 - Boss Battle

    Pre-Happy Halloween.


  5. Mega Man 3 - Sewer System (Shadow Man)

    Remade my Shadow Man cover. The other one needed more oomph.

    Inspired by the 20th Anniversary Rock adaptation.


  6. Mega Man 3 - Snake Tower (Snake Man)

    Remake of my old cover. Inspired by the Megas' track: Walk Away From Light.


  7. Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily's Castle.

    Sorry about the ending if you noticed. I ran out of patience doing this.

  8. Mega Man 2 - Quick Man

    Quick cover of a not-so quick song for a kinda-quick dance style.


  9. Choose Your Character

    In honor of Mega Man being in Super Smash Bros. 4, something like this had to be done. So being inspired by the current picture you see in the comments, I made a "what-if" piece if there was ever a Mega Man game where he faces various Nintendo characters in a classic Mega Man style. This piece is a fraction of the main theme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the style of the stage select theme from Mega Man 3 with a bit of Top Man's Theme and the Street Fighter character select screen mixed in there for good measure

  10. Mega Man 8 - Frost Man

    I could really go for a popsicle right about now.

    Recycled post.


  11. Mega Man 10 - Absolute Chill (Chill Man) [v3]

    Had to try out dem windchimes.

    Watch on YouTube
    V2 cover
    Inspired by E-tank's cover.