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  1. Transition

    Enjoy :)

  2. LL

    Just for fawn

  3. Playing around

    Yay, fun...

  4. Collab (George/Hipsta)

    Well there it is

    its coming along good, sir twistlot.

    What do you guys think about it?

  5. Betrayal (Part 5) v1.

    What else can I say?

  6. Another Progress Report!

    It is almost complete.

  7. A Retro-speculative song

    Yeah, it has a retro sound to it.

  8. Collab (George/Hipstah [AKA sir twistalot])

    Well here is the next part (not really next part, just underthings... under... hipsta's... things... ...yea, xD)

    TFB, I like the + 1 duration on the violins on sheet 0!

  9. Remembering the Past

    Do you guys notice how the chords change instead the usual repetitive formation I commonly make. Does it sound like I'm having some improvements? :)

  10. Collab (George/Hipsta)

    Let's hope this gives you some helpful motivation.

  11. Huminna


  12. For

    You all.

  13. Darkness's Ascension

    I sounds like it should be in a video game. Doesn't it?
    Enjoy. :3

  14. Progression's Rewards

    It's finally done. ^_^

  15. Collab (George/Hipsta)

    'Ere you go.

  16. Ten G Weights

    I think had a good turn out. I hope you guys like it. Enjoy :).

  17. Collab (George/Hipsta)

    This is all I was able to get done.

  18. A Unfinished Piano Song

    This song will be finished!

  19. Entrance

    A song that will put you in a trance. In a good way... Yeah.

  20. I don't know a name for this yet. But it's gotten better.

    It has, but it still isn't finished, but while I do do you guys mind helping find a name for this song?

  21. Progress report!

    Which sheet is YOUR favorite?