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  1. Construction [A Re-uploaded Filler]

    Some of you may remember this song. It's personally my favorite out of all my songs.

  2. Saddened

    I think its done...

    what do you think?

  3. Progressive Beat

    My first song in months.



  5. collab yellowtail/teddy

    here you go yellowtail!

  6. Heart Full of Sorrow ( Re-post)

    I don't think as may people saw this from before. Btw I'm back bitches! >:D

  7. Wind song (Improvements)

    Hopefully they are improvements.

  8. Loudest Song On Notessimo

    This song causes SERIOUS LAG!!! If you do not pay attention to these instructions, this song will most likely break your speakers, your computer, your eardrums, and your legs.
    Lower Down Your Volume To As Low As Possible Without Muting The Song. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The Ballad of Ace Lebaron ~ Age of Mythology (2/3 Finished)

    I went to fix the tempo and decided to work on the song a little bit more.


    I gratefully thank IdeaSam and Aliens Exist =3 for making my simple drum solo into something amazing. I'm sorry I couldn't come up with anything else, it's been months since I last made a song. Anyways, thank you. :)

  11. 2nd Loudest Song On Notessimo

    LOWER DOWN THAT VOLUME!!! This is my 2nd loudest song on notessimo.

  12. Ko

  13. The Ballad of Ace Lebaron ~ Age of Mythology (1/3 Finished)

    My favorite VG song now being made into a cover.

  14. Tough Times

    Me and my parents are in a tough spot right now. We are at risk of loosing everything. Our house, our food, everything. You don't have comment, nor do I expect a comment or you to even care. It's tough for all of us.

  15. Coma ^Completed^

    Rawr. :>

  16. The Triumph (George/Twistalot) [finished]

    Yes... it is finished


  17. Saddened

    Here you go George, like you asked. I'll always do something for a friend. :)

  18. Progression's Rewards

    It's finally done. ^_^