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  1. once upon a time

    this is my first song please enjoy

    yay i learned how to make sharps

  2. Death by Poor Transcription Remix -| UNF |-

    Slow progress made but I need critique on this....
    and yes I know the transition sucks more than me

  3. Finale - Undertale (Remastered)

    So i made this thing again. Hope it's alright

  4. Secret Undertale Guy

    just something easy and a little weird while i try to get my bearings in v3
    cover by fadelurker on deviantart

    • Aug 13 2016 07:51 PM
    • by Skaia
  5. Metal Crusher (WIP)

    Used only samples ripped from 2a03

  6. Oh! One true love (Undertale)

    Holy shit
    i love this



    And here is my cover of STMPWYFS
    Tell me what I should change/fix
    also I'm really happy at what it is

  8. Bonetrousle (Original + Trailer Mix)

    Trailer version (starts at 19 seconds):

    EDIT: Wrong category oops

  9. Undertale - Once Upon A Time

    doing this for a UTxMPC mod

    ik this is in the wrong key it's just in the same key/tempo as mus_story.ogg

  10. Undertale OST:004 - Fallen Down (unf)

    Technically unfinished but this is all I plan on doing of this song, if someone wants to do the full song feel free.

  11. Silients

    I don´t think it is too much bad.

    • Mar 01 2016 01:14 PM
    • by Jason
  12. Welcome!

    Did you missed me?
    I forgoten my assword
    Then i realized it´s exact as my google acount :razz:  :razz:  :razz:  :razz:  :razz:  :razz:  :razz:

    • Mar 22 2016 12:12 PM
    • by Jason
  13. Undertale - Bonetrousle

    An Polka Version of Bonetrousle.


  14. Bonetrousle

    You're blue now. That's my attack!

  15. Bonetrousle - Undertale




    Piano version with no bass

    Note: I am indeed alive.


  16. Undertale - Determination

    It cannot end like this...
    Stay determined!

    • Oct 21 2015 09:34 PM
    • by Mint
  17. Fallen Down - Undertale

    What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent


  18. Undertale - Run!

    Well, the instruments in Notessimo V2 didn't sound quite right for this theme. (blarg, low piano) So I figured I'd do things a little more my way.

    Might do another arrangement without the gratuitous electric guitar at a later date.

    Listen in V2 Remaster


  19. sans.

    welp.....here it is. i tried my best.

  20. Undertale - sans.

    * heheh... the old whoopee cushion in the hand trick.
    * it's ALWAYS funny.


  21. Axe of Justice WIP

    I started out good... I need help now :C

  22. Axe of Justice WIP

    I started out good... I need help now :C