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  1. Tem Shop

    Got bored, made this in like half an hour using synths (it's horrible don't listen to it)

    • Mar 17 2016 01:40 PM
    • by PSI
  2. Undertale - Your Best Friend

    just something i threw together in a few hours to "stay in shape"

  3. Undertale - Ghost Fight

    * after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage.


  4. Undertale - Battle Against a True Hero!

    Okay, I think I'm done! If I'm missing something, please do not hesitate to point that out (especially if the song isn't there again this time, though I think it won't be a problem :P ). Also, I actually love criticism, so don't hold back... but don't be too mean. If that makes any sense. Whatever, enjoy.

  5. Silients

    I don´t think it is too much bad.

    • Mar 01 2016 01:14 PM
    • by Jason
  6. Undertale - Heartache

    Toriel blocks the way!


  7. Undertale - Spider Dance

    * Muffet does a synchronized dance with the other spiders ....

    (It took 5 hours to complete this masterpiece)

    Original: https://youtu.be/YZ3XjVVNagU
    Mr. Ponk's Arrange
    Craykiller223's Arrange

  8. Undertale - Bergentrückung & Asgore

    i thought i should put some witty determination joke, but i refused.

    Original (start 42 seconds):

    EDIT: Moved into the correct category and numerous changes
    EDIT2: Fixed a few more things (hopefully this is the last edit)
    EDIT3: Fixed bass

  9. Undertale - Bonetrousle

    An Polka Version of Bonetrousle.


  10. Amalgam [UNF]

    needed something to occupy my time, so I threw this together in 2 hours lol

  11. start menu

    i will plan to make the whole soundtrack

  12. once upon a time

    this is my first song please enjoy

    yay i learned how to make sharps

  13. Dummy/Spider Dance Mashup: "Dummy Dance"

    (I'd recommend using the old player. Some parts sound off otherwise.)

  14. Undertale - Spider Dance

    ****FEATURED SONG****

    * Muffet does a synchronized dance with the other spiders ....

  15. Undertale - Bergentrückung

    *Insert Undertale Joke Catchphrase here*


  16. Spider Dance - Undertale

    I'll need more arms to play this in real life.

  17. Bonetrousle - Undertale




    Piano version with no bass

    Note: I am indeed alive.


  18. Finale - Undertale (Remastered)

    So i made this thing again. Hope it's alright

  19. Oh! One true love (Undertale)

    Holy shit
    i love this


  20. Finale (Undertale OST)

    i tried my best *faints* x___x