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  1. ye.^2

    Larry-Boy cartoon theme. (your claps were perfect xP)


  2. Woah!

    Yea yea

  3. Unamed so far

    A collab by me and george, ITS YOUR TURN -XD-

  4. The Universe's Limit

    Well, Yellowtail and I concured, its finished!


  5. The Triumph (George/Twistalot) [finished]

    Yes... it is finished


  6. The Triumph

    There's the name. I also added a little to it, if you don't mind. I know your bit of a perfectionist. :S

  7. The Chase ([Loop]Finished)

    A song I did a long time ago, that I finished now...


  8. The Chase

    old song that im bringing back out and making a full song out of it...

    like it so far?

  9. The Brothers

    A song im doin' with ma bro...

    Like it so far?

  10. The Brothers

    Well sheet 14 and 18 we are still working on... but we wanted to really see what you thought about the "solos" in those 2 sheets. (and sheet 19 the drum solo)

  11. The Ballad of Ace Lebaron ~ Age of Mythology (2/3 Finished)

    did a few things X... some of the things I did not finish off in all the sheets, you can do that if you like what I did.

  12. StucK^^^2

    Well here are some ideas I had...

  13. Stuck^2

    I hope you dont mind (and like it) SpacePixel. :)

    Mabeh we can collab on it?

  14. Stuck 1123581321

    Proof George can make any sort of noise found on Notessimo into an epic song...

    just some stuff I did can be found on the new sheets
    Do what you'd like with them

  15. Still not named ( me/george)

    Feel free to edit as you wish,cant wait to see how you end it

  16. Soarin' (George and Wolfe collab)

    Please dont take it yet Wolfe, im still editing and adding things, I just wanted to show you what I was up to. (my brother and cousins are at my house screaming doing "mad-libs" and it was hard to hear the notes... so yea, ill fix those if their there)

  17. Soarin' (George and Wolfe collab)

    Well there you go, there is possible volume issues, you can fix um if you want.

    On sheet 12 should the male voices change their riff?

  18. Saddened

    Here you go George, like you asked. I'll always do something for a friend. :)

  19. Saddened

    I think its done...

    what do you think?

  20. On A Stick Update 4 (Carrot. and George)

    drum/n/bass 700-999


    I think I might be making this too crazy.  I just want it to be verse, break, intense verse, break, VERY intense bulidup, end.  We should follow that as a song template.

    Who knows?  Maybe we'll have the last few sheets as the ending verse if it's too intense.  Because I think that's crazy as ****.

    Enjoy Georgeh.

  21. On A Stick

    I changed the feel of it... mabeh a little too much... I dont know

  22. Northward Quest (unfinished... but close xD)

    Well here it is... **Please tell me what you think down in the comments**... I have worked so hard on this; I want this song to be remembered... I wana know if you think its that good!

  23. Northward Quest (unfinished)

    Been workin hard on this...

    Like I said, its gana be like many songs wrapped into one. sheet 29 is the start of a new section, its gana be cool...