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  1. Keeping it Interesting.

    I think its done...

    do ya think its done?

  2. Collab (Ashleh/George)

    yea... so far

  3. Woah!

    Yea yea

  4. The Chase

    old song that im bringing back out and making a full song out of it...

    like it so far?

  5. Saddened

    I think its done...

    what do you think?

  6. Collab (George/Hipsta)

    'Ere you go.

  7. The Triumph

    There's the name. I also added a little to it, if you don't mind. I know your bit of a perfectionist. :S

  8. Collab (George/Hipstah [AKA sir twistalot])

    Well here is the next part (not really next part, just underthings... under... hipsta's... things... ...yea, xD)

    TFB, I like the + 1 duration on the violins on sheet 0!

  9. The Universe's Limit

    Well, Yellowtail and I concured, its finished!


  10. The Brothers

    Well sheet 14 and 18 we are still working on... but we wanted to really see what you thought about the "solos" in those 2 sheets. (and sheet 19 the drum solo)

  11. Collab (George/Hipsta)

    This is all I was able to get done.

  12. Collab (George/Hipsta)

    Well there it is

    its coming along good, sir twistlot.

    What do you guys think about it?

  13. Collab(george/hipstah) YOU NAME IT CHALLENGE!

    Well, I think it’s finished! (Tell me if something is way off and I will edit it when I decide on a name)


    Well every one tell me lots of names you think fit the song and ill pick which one I like best! ok? ok!

  14. Collab (George/Hipsta)

    Let's hope this gives you some helpful motivation.

  15. The Triumph (George/Twistalot) [finished]

    Yes... it is finished


  16. Soarin' (George and Wolfe collab)

    Please dont take it yet Wolfe, im still editing and adding things, I just wanted to show you what I was up to. (my brother and cousins are at my house screaming doing "mad-libs" and it was hard to hear the notes... so yea, ill fix those if their there)

  17. The Chase ([Loop]Finished)

    A song I did a long time ago, that I finished now...


  18. Soarin' (George and Wolfe collab)

    Well there you go, there is possible volume issues, you can fix um if you want.

    On sheet 12 should the male voices change their riff?

  19. The Brothers

    A song im doin' with ma bro...

    Like it so far?

  20. Unamed so far

    A collab by me and george, ITS YOUR TURN -XD-

  21. George and his Orchestra

    a melody that came out of my head and then I wanted to put it on notessimo.

    mabeh more to come.

  22. Collab (Ashleh/Georgeh)

    yup, dar its be!

    likesh its? yesh I shinks you doo...