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  1. ↕Stuck↕

    Well here it is, it was a lot of fun to make... I hope its as fun to listen too.


    George C. Van Liew/Spacepixel

  2. ↕Stuck↕

    I'm just shoving this here 'cause  I know my computer will delete it or something again

  3. ╙╪ StucK╙╪

    Well I think its almost done...

  4. It’s oh so Quiet

    I dont want this anymore you can take it (by you I mean anyone)

  5. StucK^^^2

    Well here are some ideas I had...

  6. Keeping it Interesting.

    I think its done...

    do ya think its done?

  7. Stuck^2

    I hope you dont mind (and like it) SpacePixel. :)

    Mabeh we can collab on it?

  8. Stuck 1123581321

    Proof George can make any sort of noise found on Notessimo into an epic song...

    just some stuff I did can be found on the new sheets
    Do what you'd like with them

  9. Breakneck Speed (finished)

    Well everyone, it's been a long time in the making, here is...

    Breakneck Speed


  10. Everything's Fine

    -Changed the solo-final chorus transition slightly (voxes and drumming).
    -Put the metal guitars an octave lower for the middle of the piano solo.
    -Made the drumming at the end somewhat calmer than before.

  11. Everything's Fine

    Well here are the things I did... and a possible transition back into the chorus. (Nothings set in stone)

  12. Loudest Song On Notessimo

    This song causes SERIOUS LAG!!! If you do not pay attention to these instructions, this song will most likely break your speakers, your computer, your eardrums, and your legs.
    Lower Down Your Volume To As Low As Possible Without Muting The Song. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 2nd Loudest Song On Notessimo

    LOWER DOWN THAT VOLUME!!! This is my 2nd loudest song on notessimo.

  14. On A Stick

    I changed the feel of it... mabeh a little too much... I dont know

  15. Saddened

    I think its done...

    what do you think?

  16. On A Stick Update 4 (Carrot. and George)

    drum/n/bass 700-999


    I think I might be making this too crazy.  I just want it to be verse, break, intense verse, break, VERY intense bulidup, end.  We should follow that as a song template.

    Who knows?  Maybe we'll have the last few sheets as the ending verse if it's too intense.  Because I think that's crazy as ****.

    Enjoy Georgeh.

  17. Ashleh/Georgeh collab

    been awhile since I posted anything... I might not keep any of this but... meh.

  18. Canon - George Winston Remix

    Ladys, Gentlemen....first of all it was merely a test song, I decided afterwards to complete it but i wasn`t very active on it so it sure has taken long time to finish it blah blah blah...press play and comment it.

    Played and improvised from Youtube


    #Edit: For better listening please use the old player and set the tempo on 140 cuz i don't know how to update this song...thank you.

    • Sep 25 2013 12:37 PM
    • by Dante
  19. Northward Quest

    Its done :D


  20. Mr. Van Liew and Mr. Basten

    Mr. Van Liew and Mr. Basten Mr. Van Liew and Mr. Basten Mr. Van Liew and Mr. Basten

  21. GCVL / TFB

    I cant think of much

  22. Battle for the Metropolis.(Finished[George/Teddy])

    Finally... Finished... Hope you approve Teddy.


  23. Breakneck Speed (3rd installment)

    I really want to know what you guys think of this...

    so please leave a comment :D

  24. Saddened

    Here you go George, like you asked. I'll always do something for a friend. :)