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    Through The Fire and Flames

    By DragonForce

    Submitted by Velociraptori, Apr 17 2017 06:27 AM | Last updated Nov 27 2017 10:02 AM
    dragonforce through the fire and flames

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    Thanks for the feature!

    I started this project on 19.3.2016. It was finished on 13.6.2016 and then stayed in my files for 10 months.

    About time eh?

    This was my main project after experimenting a bit with acapella samples. Turned out pretty good I'd say.

    Nevertheless, enjoy!

    Edit 17.4.2017 21:10: Changed back to the the bigger, better file, cuz apparently Starburst changed the filesize limit 2 months ago.

    Edit 18.4.2017, corrected the date on the last edit.

    Edit 27.11.2017: Fixed drums on Red Dawn

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/39c9e8b6226de047470c3d8ccd2872a2.note
    Old File:


    And yes, I know I'm missing various things, like the "scream" in Red Dawn and the "red snake solo" in So Far Away 3, but I really didn't bother doing them. I also had to lower the quality of the vocals for file sizing reasons, which I don't like myself either, but after this thing sitting in my documents folder for almost a year, I just wanted to get it out here.


    Edit: switched back to uncompressed vocals cuz there was a file size limit increase I didn't know about xD

    really just makes you think why there's even an upload limit, anyway

    m522-530 WTF OUCH

    Some parts are much better covered than others, for sure. Incorrect solos, but correct riffs, etc.


    And, to quote myself on discord, "Another TTFAF cover, and I'm reminded that cancerous drum beats got famous because they were a difficult song on gh3."

    Edit 17.4.2016


    What sorcery!

    1/5. stolen from inaccurate midi

    1/5. stolen from inaccurate midi

    This is true, although my aim was to better said midi in most aspects. After all, I mainly wanted to accompany the epic vocal track xD

    i was only trolling wtf

    This has already been done....by sandalman3000

    This has already been done....by sandalman3000

    Let us know when sandalman covers it with V3

    This has already been done....by sandalman3000

    This comment was expected xD

    When you go too fast

    Hang on, isn't the drum line half-time in the first part of the 2nd verse?

    Hang on, isn't the drum line half-time in the first part of the 2nd verse?

    Yup, you're right. Fixed.

    geez no wonder this is so hard in guitar hero look at those guitars. 5/5