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    Blue Suede Shoes

    By Carl Perkins (Made Famous By: Elvis Presley) arr. Song Guy

    Submitted by AddyIcedTea, Nov 06 2012 05:57 PM | Last updated Nov 07 2012 08:38 PM
    blues carl perkins elvis presley song guy

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    Classic song by Carl Perkins, and also famously performed by Elvis Presley.

    Plz Comment/Rate/etc.

    This version that I have composed is the band arrangement that we played in Jazz band a couple years ago

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/0aa04669d9a0621f4d8f137a72f53afa.note
    Old File:


    If any of my songs get featured so far, this would be the one
    (even tho I no this probably wont get featured, I really hope it will)
    Posted Image
    The fills are quite awkward to me, and its probably borderline for length for being featured.
    Nice job though :)
    Not very accurate.

    Not very accurate.

    It was just the band arrangement that I played a couple yrs ago so....