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    I had to post *something*.

    By nwoknU

    Submitted by devin\, Mar 29 2012 05:22 PM | Last updated Mar 29 2012 05:22 PM

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    "Two plus two is f…f…f… f…10. IN BASE FOUR! I'M FINE!"



    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/74e3a5eeb4b07779621bf17b0949eec8.note
    Old File:


    Dafuq! You trollin' me?
    :D yay for base four that we never actually use!!
    dat title. I lol'd
    Uhm... Ow... I'm sorry but something about it is just super hard to listen to...

    Actually looking at it more carefully I think it's the cross relation, which rarely sounds good even when done correctly. (cross relation is having more than one version of a pitch at once or next to each other, like a chord with a B and a Bb)
    WTF am I hearing.....

    A troll trolls these very songs [-_-]