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    Bohemian Rhapsody Remastered

    By Queen, arr. Me

    Submitted by FNAF Fan 127, Sep 26 2017 08:31 PM | Last updated Jan 02 2018 05:20 PM
    queen bohemian rhapsody on ver. 3 remaster

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    It's been entirely too long since I announced that I was doing a Version 2 of the 7th most listened song on Notessimo. This is because I faced many complications while composing it: I didn't finish it on my old Windows XP, Notessimo Ver. 3 came out, and then the whole song posting error occurred.

    So, either way, I finally got it done, and I can't wait to show it to the public!

    So, without further delay, enjoy Bohemian Rhapsody Remastered!

    EDIT (9/27/17): WOOT! My first feature! Thanks, guys!

    EDIT (1/2/18): Lowered all of the vocals by an octave, switched the roles of the guitars in the Ballad and Guitar Solo and improved the lead guitar in the Finale.

    Old File:


    I would suggest messing with the fade options on the lyrics so they don't rapidly fade in/out.

    i'm glad you did this. the original version wasn't the best

    Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate it!

    The solo was great! All the right notes in all the right places!