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    Sweet Home Alabama - New version(UNFINISHED)

    By Lynyrd Skynyrd/Cover by Jordan Anderson

    Submitted by Jordan555, Oct 15 2017 04:48 PM | Last updated Oct 18 2017 04:06 AM
    lynyrd skynyrd sweet home alabama cover songs jordan anderson southern rock 1974 second helping classics song

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    First song in over 2 years--This time, NOT COPIED... :cry:  :cry: ever again.
    I'm not sure if I will have a grueling second chance in membership on here... (ninja)
    As for the rest of this, enjoy.
    So many goddamn covers of Sweet Home Alabama, but none of them are even close to the original.(who cares?)
    I'll give it another go and follow the rules in their entirety.
    Turn it up (cguitar) (singer2)

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/d30649bb48abb9918e24448ec6045d77.note
    Old File:


    v2? holy moley that's so oldschool.

    like the cover tho

    i'm just not used to the sound of those instruments

    I used the V2 composer. Easier to use than the legacy version.

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