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    10 603 listens

    Eye of The Tiger

    By Fran5

    Submitted by Unpeatiful Pink, Oct 22 2010 01:07 PM | Last updated Jul 04 2013 04:48 PM

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    Yay! +7000 Views!
    Thanks :D

    See it on yutub :)

    Old File:


    I like it, even when the Fender Strat Guitar #1 appears at sheet 1!

    Lets go to 6000+ views!!
    great song!
    I like Sheet 14 too (even with the Bass #1 Cm7 arpeggio & the drums in it)

    I like Sheet 14 too (even with the Bass #1 Cm7 arpeggio & the drums in it)

    Basically, the bass Is always playing in the Cm pentatonic

    And the voice sings in that scale too
    6000 views, well done, Fran!!! i even like sheet 16!!
    Another Favorite is sheet 3 because there is a piano. Sheets 4,15 & 5 even rock with that piano, because i like the chords like Cm/Eb,Ab/Eb,Bb/F followed by Cm/Eb,Ab/Eb,Bb/D & Cm/Eb on Sheet 4.
    The reason why i like sheet 15 is because of the Cm/Eb. Its my favorite Chord the Cm/Eb because of the Inversion. I might learn those chords myself on piano, because i like them.

    And i hope it goes to 7k, Luchoo! This is too awesome :D

    OK 7k views, thanks to us!
    Get screen recorder 2 show it in video (thats what i did)

    its good sounds just like it

    WHOAH! 10k VIEWS!