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    YYZ - Rush (Redux)

    By Alex Lifeson (arr. by Sancross77)

    Submitted by Retro Soul Jones, Jul 14 2020 01:50 AM | Last updated Jul 14 2020 09:13 AM
    yyz rush sancross retrosoul 80s moving pictures finished rock instrumental cover

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    I think I corrupted the old post by trying to update it with the new background picture and .note file... Idk why...

    This is the final version that will be on YouTube soon!

    ___________Old Description_____________
    Project time: December 2nd - December 16th

    This was a fun project that I've decided to complete because of ALI=3NS and other people who wanted me to finish this. Honestly, I used sheet music to fill in solos, some background bass licks, and the pads. However, I mostly did this by ear... especially the drums (I'm a drummer at heart).

    Credit goes out to Haidar for his/her sheet music. https://www.jellynot...s:#score_A,mode

    Old File: