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    Aphex Twin - Ventolin (Loop)

    By Aphex Twin

    Submitted by Reversed Reference, Aug 15 2013 06:16 PM | Last updated Aug 15 2013 06:16 PM
    aphex twin ventolin loop harsh warning synth vox hurts when high :(

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    Once described as one of the harshest singles ever recorded.

    This is probably not even half of how unlistenable this song is, but I like this song!  :)

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/2ab6285aea4fa2f015eec6efdbf7625d.note
    Old File:


    Oh yeah, this is just the basic drum beat of the song.




    <p>Frankly, this is an earrape. <img class="bbc_emoticon" src="http://www.notessimo...default/sad.png" title=":(" /></p>
    <p>I'm sorry. <img class="bbc_emoticon" src="http://www.notessimo...default/sad.png" title=":(" /></p>
    <p>Otherwise, this is fine.</p>

    Did you not read the description?

    No, sorry. :( *reads description*



    Now i did.