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    Boards of Canada - Trapped

    By Boards of Canada

    Submitted by Reversed Reference, Jul 12 2015 11:45 PM | Last updated Jul 13 2015 09:21 AM
    boards of canada colonel abrams trapped a few old tunes 90s

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    Utilizing v3 and FL Studio to edit the original acapella to match the song I am covering, I have covered a Boards of Canada song, which is in turn a remix of a Colonel Abrams song, called Trapped. This track is off of BoC's unreleased tape called A Few Old Tunes.

    Somehow I got this 7 mb note file to upload!

    Hope you enjoy.

    EDIT: Vocals seemed a bit low, so I turned up the volume on those a little bit.

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/b19e024e3894ca28540e4476f623e5a8.note
    Old File:


    upvote b/c BoC

    upvote b/c BoC

    what is canada

    what is canada

    what is boards

    vocals are a bit too quiet i think

    vocals are a bit too quiet i think

    i think i may have fixed that earlier today!