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    Ambient Test/Experiment

    By Timothy Verbist

    Submitted by Timothy Verbist, Oct 29 2013 02:14 PM | Last updated Oct 29 2013 02:14 PM

    Use V3 StandardUse V2 RemasterUse old playerDownload WAVFullscreen (Press ESC)

    Hellstick inspired me again with that Clavinet melody, i experimented with Accordions,Strings & Clavinets in this experiment.

    Do not concider this as SPAM.

    Use the old player, Strings #3 sounds flat on new player.

    This is the Bontempi ACW 17 toy accordion, mint in the box:Posted Image.
    I hope Notessimo V3 has an unlimited range of pitches so i could use accordion #1 for high pitched stuff to sould like a toy accordion, but i guess i would rather go for an entry level accordion like the Accordiana or the Accordiola Camerano if you want to learn to play accordion, maybe more than 5 yo, but better than some toy Bontempis, though i think the Bontempi accordions are pretty cute. (like carrot said about the AC 2480.) (Click the spoiler to see it.

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/af7a4de4126bafe22d96b33385162ab6.note
    Old File:


    How is any of this Ambient?