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    The magic of 4% Volume


    Submitted by Frank , Jul 01 2015 05:19 PM | Last updated Jul 01 2015 05:57 PM

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    This is entirely in 4% volume, but don't turn up your volume ;)

    Old File:


    beautiful, this reminds me of the concept of brian eno's discreet music.


    From wikipedia:


    The inspiration for [Discreet Music] began when Eno was left bed-ridden in a hospital by an automobile accident and was given an album of eighteenth-century harp musicAfter struggling to put the record on the turntable and returning to bed, he realised that the volume was turned down (toward the threshold of inaudibility) but he lacked the strength to get up from the bed again and turn it up. Eno said this experience taught him a new way to perceive music:

    "This presented what was for me a new way of hearing music—as part of the ambience of the environment just as the color of the light and the sound of the rain were parts of that ambience."