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    Metal Pedal Medal

    By Krawkyz

    Submitted by Krawkyz, Jan 26 2016 03:18 AM | Last updated Jan 26 2016 06:49 AM
    electronic hardcore rave

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    At measure 137, you might (won't) notice that instead of using the high pass filter I opted to use samples of the instruments high passed. This may seem overcomplicated, but if you try to high pass an imported sample, instead the player will make it high pass to a very high frequency (making it sound like a screech) and the composer will sound fine.
    Basically, this is a bug and it should be resolved.

    Samples from Aliens

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/c65a3eab9d7ff89980311d8e4f34f258.note
    Old File:


    ~Star~ is dumb -___-
    Jan 26 2016 03:27 AM


    thanks for using my samples, skrub