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    Sword Play WIP

    By Hellstick

    Submitted by Hellstick, Jun 20 2016 12:54 PM | Last updated Jun 20 2016 05:23 PM
    sword play hellstick drum bass drum n bass

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    Not a lot changed, but i did make some improvements. I made some additions to the bassline, and the result is probably one of my favorite basslines i made on notessimo (although i still plan to change it ever so slightly). There is some issues i plan to change, such as some of the sword sample volume levels and adding some variation in the percussion.
    Oh, and i increased the volume on the sub bass.

    ANYWAY! I want to hear what you guys think of the direction this is heading as i probably wont post it again before it's done:)

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/c617de30aafab5172f9d10a5afd11d21.note
    Old File:


    hey hellstick can you 


    just let the blue guitars


    just run their course


    and please add a fade-out for them



    good stuff