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    The Tarrasque Rises

    By Hellstick

    Submitted by Hellstick, Nov 15 2015 06:44 PM | Last updated Nov 15 2015 06:44 PM
    tarrasque hellstick drum bass you are awesome

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    Aight, so the part before the drop is probably gonna go through some tweaks to spice things up a tad. Nothing mayor, just some this and that to create some variation.

    ANYWAY! Here's some more drum n' bassy goodness for ya'll to enjoy! Shoutout to StarwarsXD aka Lesser Dog for proofreading the lyrics.


    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/cbfd2df782f29e140ae9636593388024.note
    Old File:


    I'm sure this has the potential to be featured, just needs to be finished.

    holy shit

    I'm sure this has the potential to be featured, just needs to be finished.


    Thanks! That's gonna take a while though:P

    How do you filter the drums like that? Is it a separate sample or is there some way to do it?

    -> Go to the instruments tab
    -> Find the instrument you want to add a filter to
    -> Copy the instrument
    -> Name the copy logically so that you can differentiate between the 2 instruments easily
    -> Go to the Effects tab in the menu in the bottom of the screen
    -> Enable biquad
    -> Sellect the desired filter (Low pass/high pass/band pass)
    -> Sellect the frequency (strength of the filter)
    -> Repeat everything but with diffirent frequencies to make the transitions seem smoother

    Basically i made 3 copies of each of the instruments in the sheet (giving me 4 of each instrument in total) to make the modulation you are reffering to. The more copies, the better the result.
    Here's a picture of my naming convention.
    I then made my sheet using my modified instruments making sure that the next note placed always had less bass reduction applied to it than the last.
    TL;DR: It's done manually and each instrument used needs to be edited multiple times.


    Very nice, but too 'hardcore" for me x)

    I've found that using volume also helps simulate a filter sweep. Just my two cents :P

    Agreed. I use volume too to "blend" sounds, but i find it that making new copies with diffirent frequencies gives a better result. That being said, it also takes a lot more time, so i usually go with a combination of volume alterations and frequency differations to find a middleway.

    Both ways work:)

    Voice?  In Notessimo?  VOICE IN NOTESSIMO?!  I didn't even know that was a thing!