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    By Spacepixel, George

    Submitted by not here, Oct 02 2012 12:20 PM | Last updated Oct 02 2012 02:12 PM
    george spacepixel song collab

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    Well here it is, it was a lot of fun to make... I hope its as fun to listen too.


    George C. Van Liew/Spacepixel

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/d052a9842c80c989684d0697b7de9f69.note
    Old File:


    I love all the subtle sound effects in it. It's really well done!
    Try fixing the empty measure glitch before you post.
    ^ Fixed. Thanks Skeletee!
    This is awesome. Bit laggy, but awesome.
    Is this getting featured? IT MUST...
    Error: Beat from sheets 0 to 6 not detected. (Invalid if intentional)
    Otherwise excellent work. But I find it mind-numbing after awhile. Try different tempos next time. Doing that helps the listener to get into the song more. This one sounded like any other collaboration you did with me or anyone else. I'm wanting you to make a song with a detectable essence from you. When you make collaborations it sounds like you were doing someone a favor instead of actually wanting to do it. Keep that in mind.

    Personally, I'm not one for songs like this.
    Most of the credit really goes to you on this one, taking some sound effects more or less, and making them into a song like this. Awesome.

    Well I feel that if you listen to your and my collabs (and ALL th others) they sound nothing like this one... nothing. When I collab I make sure to work off of the other persons work. Also, I cant just say "I want it to sound just how I want it to sound" and not listen to the other persons "thoughts"... So mop I must disagree with you, this song has many "flares" of my own, and I have done classical collabs (with you and Tedd) I have done rock collabs (some with Yellowtail) and other things (like this one with Space) So, this dosent sound like any other collab I've ever done (I havent done this kind of music before)

    @Space. Thanks! but without you I could not have broadened my scope and done this kind of music, you do awesome effects and make songs sound so real on notessimo. Thanks for collabin' with meh x3