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    Cobalt Paradisium

    By auroracirrus

    Submitted by auroracirrus, Jul 26 2013 08:30 PM | Last updated Jul 26 2013 08:30 PM
    trance blue auroracirrus arrange

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    An arrange of a recent FL composition of mine.

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/d8fcbce40fa819c76806b1eef522ef64.note
    Old File:


    This is genius.

    This is beautiful. One the best songs I've heard on this website. Any chance we could hear the FL version?

    Thumbs up.


    http://mfi.re/play/s...sium (Full).mp3

    Aaaaaaand downloaded.

    Beginning is really boring, but once the synth trumpets start going wild it gets good. Fairly nice, especially in the new player.

    This song is just beautiful. 

    Amazing. How long did this take you?

    Congrats on the much deserved feature!

    Oh man Aurora was active at some point and no one told me ;_;


    Oh well this is awesome. You'll have to tell me how you made the pad synth patch that starts at 1:07 (represented by Synthesizer #3 in the Notessimo remake). Always wanted to know how to make that one.

    Oh i remember this, time to listen 100000 times again. That D7 in the 'chorus' just gets me every time

    Still loving this.

    That song ROCKS! I want to rate it 5, for the hard work and great performance. Thumbs up, air five! :D

    I'd love to play this on Guitar Hero

    3.5 years later and I still jam out to this regularly