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    Ballad for Hammond Organ

    By Timothy Verbist

    Submitted by Timothy Verbist, Mar 04 2016 06:24 AM | Last updated Mar 04 2016 06:24 AM

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    I'm now trying something else: A Ballad for the Hammond Organ.

    Don't forget to criticize the volume.

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/c949ad23c46d29c748b9a0a14e1e6c1b.note
    Old File:



    Pick up notes are on the down beat. no no no no no. If you want an effective pick up note (or anacrusis) have one sheet devoted to the note, place as a whole note and set the tempo to quadruple the normal tempo.

    One instrument does sound fine in some cases. It was ok here.

    You had to compress the notes in measure three to get the downbeat of four. no no no no no.

    Too many inversions of one chord. Try something different.

    Take out the last chord, and extend the previous chord. just add a high c (c5) where you had that last chord and make sure the song ends smoothly.

    Measure 8 neighboring tones don't fit too well.


    Don't forget to criticize the volume. 

    fuck you, volume