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    Black Flag vs. Green Day

    By SteveHarris

    Submitted by SteveHarris, Jan 04 2014 10:50 PM | Last updated Jan 04 2014 10:50 PM
    green day vs black flag guitar drum steveharris

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    I like two things: Punk and Metal
    Since metal is hard to cover due to my lack of knowledge of guitars, I did a punk song. It starts out with a Black Flag influenced bassline/riff then once it goes to a fade in, it switches to Green Day influenced riff. These are original riffs by me though.
    Black Flag = Best Punk Rock Band (other than the Dead Kennedys)
    Green Day = Best Pop Punk Band

    P.S: I am aware of volume errors with the bass, but it just wont' cooperate, so sorry.

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/458b3cbc22e93768f838759ccd75447b.note
    Old File:


    GREEN DAY IS THE BEST!!! I don't suggest doing several metal guitars in a chord. it doesn't sound right. try fender strat guitar #1.