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    By Skyliens (Skaia + ALI=3NS)

    Submitted by Skaia, Sep 12 2016 07:33 PM | Last updated Sep 12 2016 07:33 PM
    electronica collaborative skaia ali=3ns aliens exist =3 collab

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    a collaborative effort

    personally i had a lot of fun working outside of my own comfort zone, enjoy

    BG source: http://electricalasc...ost/81895247031

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/f2a94b94aa3081a6c6ca817286c08a72.note
    Old File:


    Sounds super nice, but it's like it never quite takes off. The melodies are amazing though!

    so goood you should use better samples tho, and the ending is so out of place it should just go


    overall its pretty fkin great