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    Re: Krawkyz Stream

    By That "inactive" guy.

    Submitted by QVX 797, Mar 09 2016 01:30 PM | Last updated Mar 10 2016 05:51 AM
    krawkyz star hellstick stream topkek why is it now 5:11 am #streamwasntlongenough heilstick heildrakon iputthisinthecollabscategory

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    In all seriousness though,
    Hellstick, i'd be glad to finish the collab if you also want to, the choice is entirely yours and you can take (more of (loljks)) your time if you'd like.

    ...am i active yet?

    I'm so tired that i'm going to wake up in the morning and probably delete this.

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/ec4e9ebf488f971a92e58d132515d0c4.note
    Old File:



    Thoughts on first listen:
    Heh this is pretty funny. Lol you finished the stream at 4:20? What a...WAIT WHAT. WHY MUST YOU ALL TORMENT ME SO ;_;

    The best part, isn't even the hashtags, it's the last tag:


    QVX said hellstick, star, and I had collabs waiting on him, so I rushed {/s} and gave him the collab. He hasn't sent me it back yet. IM WAITING QVX