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    Happy Country

    By Timothy Verbist

    Submitted by Timothy Verbist, Apr 13 2015 09:02 AM | Last updated Apr 13 2015 09:02 AM

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    I made this song in Decembert the 30th of 2014 on Jam with the Band.

    This needs to be heavily criticized thats why it's posted jhere!

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/a427561871d5825c65e090d952bcdd94.note
    Old File:


    heavily criticized

    after I heard this 6th acne-ish inconvenient country song, I thought ' this lunatic should make an ambient song. he's cut out for making bleak one. don't try to be normal, LAD. COME AS YOU ARE. '

    Oh noes, someone's trying to understand my words! 

    'Happy Country' 


    it's paradox.

    It seems like there's not much structure, and it sounds like some random bass and accordion notes especially toward the end.


    Ow! It's more than 10 seconds :D

    Unknown Name
    Jun 03 2015 04:49 PM