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    Creepy Tetris

    By QVX 797

    Submitted by QVX 797, Mar 16 2016 06:29 AM | Last updated Mar 16 2016 06:31 AM
    creepy tetris creepy tetris qvx 797 qvx 797 if you were trapped in tetris

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    I was joking around with a uni friend sometime last year;
    "What if you were stuck in a game of Tetris."
    That is, you trying to avoid being crushed by the falling blocks.

    Then this happened.

    (45 seconds onward is pretty much just repeat btw)

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/2ed5a2bb8762035cf45f6ce56b1a1136.note
    Old File:


    What is the "Tetris'd" series of animations?

    lol but I like this music more TBH

    Oh wow i totally forgot about those animations.

    Completely different feel to it though haha

    tetris remix

    jesus those tubular bells