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    Immortal [Test Post]

    By The Arcanist

    Submitted by The Arcanist, Nov 21 2017 06:21 AM | Last updated Nov 21 2017 11:15 PM

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    So this is a bit weird.

    I've been working on this song for ~4 months now, and it seems the file has become corrupted. Does anyone know if this can be fixed?

    I personally think there may be a way to revert the file to a previous save, but that might not be possible with .note files.

    EDIT: Right now, it seems like normal recovery software does not do the trick. However, I've managed to extract all of the sheets from the corrupted file; My problem now is trying to get those sheets into the Notessimo player, since it cannot read .xml files. If I am able to do this, I should be able to recover the song with little to no loss.

    EDIT 2: I've managed to make a .note file that can be read by Notessimo, but it always shows a blank player with no Sheets or Songs. It's apparent to me that my makeshift .note files are missing some key properties that tell Notessimo to read the .xml files. If I can figure this out, though, it should allow recovery of any corrupt Notessimo file, which would be nice.

    Old File: