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    Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2

    By Goukisan, arr. by Me

    Submitted by FNAF Fan 127, May 03 2017 09:36 PM | Last updated Aug 07 2017 09:26 PM
    guitar vs. piano newgrounds guitar vs. piano goukisan

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    It has been over 10 years since this song came out on Newgrounds, and since then, people on here have tried--and failed--to produce a remix out of it. So, I decided to make a full remix of it. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2, The Legit FULL Remix.

    What do you think won? The guitar, or the piano? Leave your answer in the comments below!

    EDIT (8/7/17): Added a base to the guitar using Distortion Guitar #1.

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/a34be7312b37a8153b4f25117c85dee0.note
    Old File: