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    Foreplay/ Long Time first update.

    By Boston arr. ggfchl

    Submitted by _gg, Jul 29 2014 10:17 PM | Last updated Jul 29 2014 11:04 PM

    Use V3 StandardUse V2 RemasterUse old player

    I am missing the drums at the end of what I got now, and might update this before I go to bed with them in. extensive criticism please!
    the section starting at m11 doesn't sound that good. i tried fixing that
    drums at the end are in.
    it wont load because of an error in the new player. Listen instead in the old player until I fix it.

    Old File:


    sounds really random

    that is how the beginning sorta sounds. take a listen:

    But seriously how'd you know this was my favorite song of my childhood?


    Oh the nostalgia.

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    came here for rockband, even tho no rockband, still satisfied.

    such a good song <3