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    In My Defense

    By Kaveman

    Submitted by Kaveman, Apr 01 2011 11:44 PM | Last updated Apr 01 2011 11:44 PM

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    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/song-59079.note
    Old File:


    Such an amazing song, by any chance, is this based of a real song by a band?
    No sir, any resemblance to an existing song is purely coincidental.
    (Or madame, if such is the case)
    I was just about to feature this myself... Seriously...this is an amazing song At first it reminded me of "Story Of The Year's" "Holding Onto You" also...(kinda unrelated though)
    The Tappin in the guitar solo never fails
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    Wow. Only bad thing I found was the volume change between sheets 7 and 2; not a major thing either.
    I nominate this song for best solo in Notessimo, EVER.
    I dare ANYONE to make a better song.
    I think you just secured the title for my favorite song and favorite solo. Be proud. You are probably the only composer who's song I will endorse.

    I don't know, my vote for that would be StarWars' "Saga of the Dragon."


    Challenge accepted.

    I dare ANYONE to make a better song.

    I'm prolly pushing my luck too far, I might end up shooting myself, but seeing as you said ANYONE, I'll try and humiliate myself ...


    I don't know, my vote for that would be StarWars' "Saga of the Dragon."

    Meh, I always considered the solo in "A Building Full of Experiments" to be my best, probably because I put more time into it and it doesn't sound like a bunch of show-offy arpeggios. I even think the solo in "Gateway to Paradise" to be better, just because of it's length. Even so, I must acknowledge that "Saga of the Dragon" has my most recognized solo and is probably my best, if looked at without bias.

    I would put the two as being equals. Saga of the Dragon has a harmony guitar, which gives it a better overall sound, and this one has a more legitimate purpose, rather than just being flashy. Whether you intended the solo as a tribute or not, I thank you for considering any of my works as being better, because my god is this song good.
    Awesome song!
    I can't help but smile during the guitar solo.
    Oh my gosh! It's so good! I HAVE to make a notessimo version of it! oh wait... it already IS a notessimo song... seriously though that was amazing. The guitar solo was amazing.
    My God, What can I say? It's just so amazing... best original rock notessimo song ever
    That is one of the sickest solos I've ever heard. 5 huge hands up.
    BEST use of metal guitar goes here.
    I'm sorry StarWars.. but this guy is now my favorite composer on this site. Sick song, I love it.
    holdon, holdon, holdon... wait, WAIT, WAIT!!!
    This is ORIGINAL material!?
    Holy sweet merciful mother of God, that's awesome!
    If you want to hear something better, but only because it is totally, extremely, UNPLAYABLE, click the link.
    And, for information about the song, click THIS link!
    this is one of my favorite songs, for melody and solos.
    this song is one of the best I have ever listened to on Notessimo !

    M H
    How come i try, but i only got 1 comment in 1 year!!!!!
    how do you post

    How come i try, but i only got 1 comment in 1 year!!!!!

    Maybe It's Not featured? I don't Know.