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    1 128 listens

    Another Casualty of Procastination

    By Kaveman

    Submitted by Kaveman, Aug 12 2011 02:38 AM | Last updated Aug 12 2011 02:38 AM

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    Rates 5 starts 999 times
    This is the best rock song I've ever heard on Notessimo.


    Ok, someone make lyrics for this right now.

    Will do

    best rating? well here awaits some more comments. everyone is going to come on here and start rating it again.


    best slide ever measure 10

    Sheet 3 piano tabs


    I love the fender in sheet 3

    I love the fender in sheet 3

    Meh too

    I've found a lost haven

    They called it the city of angels

    She said it's going to be alright

    In the moonlight


    "Follow me downtown,

    And I'll show you {Show you being the same note}

    Everything is going to be alright my baby girl,

    Even when they tell you the worst of things.

    Just come with me, my little girl

    Till the sun finally shows for us."


    The monorail stops,

    At another place.

    Just going and going,

    like another race.


    Ev'rythings going right


    People throw words like any other day

    Just keep going on strong ba-bay [That is Baby, but I said it Ba-bay for the separation of notes]

    {Too lazy to continue at 11 at night so do with what you wish with my terrible lyrics.}

    Unknown Name
    Sep 25 2014 10:24 PM

    Wow why can't I make songs like this (not seeking attention in fact ignore me)

    Here's a tribute/arrangement/cover/totalsteal of this masterpiece.