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    Up There [UNF]

    By Unknown

    Submitted by _gg, Sep 07 2014 11:08 AM | Last updated Sep 07 2014 11:08 AM

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    i came up with this tune while jamming on a piano at school. i feel like there is a song with this chord progression thingy. it's unfinished. tell me what you think.

    Old File:


    the amount of songs with this chord progression is over 9000!!!11!11one!1!

    Not as many as this chord progression though:


    D Major

    B minor

    G major

    A major

    (or in any other key)


    Btw, this kinda sounds like a 90's song,  with the drumbeat and the pianos.  :P

    This + Macadamia = this.

    I think the BeeGees had a song like this