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    The Dank Sea feat. Gerud-hoe Valley Bois

    By Spoiler Alert

    Submitted by KANSEI DORIFTO, May 05 2016 11:03 AM | Last updated May 05 2016 05:21 PM
    legend of zelda star unfinished wtfamidoing #makeamericagreatagain

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    Another thing consigned to my eternal wastebin of things I'll never finish ;_;

    Also I'm not sure what I'm more disappointed in, the fact that I made this or that it's the first version of The Great Sea on Notessimo (as far as I could find)

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/592d21b52073baddb9f7f0f0510268dc.note
    Old File:


    For those wondering why I changed my avatar to an sjw meme, it's in celebration of politics and how insane america is.



    Absolutely voting for Trump in Novemeber. If only because dank memes.

    come on and slam

    and welcome to the jam

    Absolutely voting for Trump in Novemeber. If only because dank memes.

    formal talk about trump pls

    personally i do not want trump to win

    when the airhorns kicked in B)

    formal talk about trump pls

    personally i do not want trump to win

    Unfortunately Trump has already sealed the GOP nomination after Indiana (both Cruz and Kasich dropped out).
    The other option is Hillary Clinton. If you like how America currently is, she's the establishment candidate who will continue the trends Obama has set in place (as she herself has proclaimed). I don't like her personally, she isn't much good at being a politician (despite having experience) and doesn't inspire confidence. Besides personality, I don't like how she gets so much positive support from the media, and how she manipulates her gender (omg it'd be the first female president, what else do you need to know?!?!!) to further her campaign.


    Trump is a shot in the dark, but also a candidate unhindered by big money donations. His insurgency has imploded the Republican party (hopefully for the better, conservatives deserve better). Mostly the reason people vote for him is because they see a PC-ridden (Note: Trump called out Hillary about playing her "woman" card and was branded a sexist by the media. But Hillary has promised that, if elected, her Cabinent would be 50/50 women and men, because....yeah) America in huge debt, with wealth disparity continuing to grow despite Obama's assurances that the economy is fine (what does it matter if the GDP is growing if the middle class continues to dwindle?), weak on foreign policy and divided by years of strife between the two parties.


    I don't like Trump, but compared with the competition it's sad to say he's the only real choice, and I'm glad other conservatives saw the same thing. I personally was skeptical of Bernie Sanders (since a lot of his promises require vast amounts of money, and also because socialism is a pretty bad system of governance, just ask the Germans or Russians). Still, he would have been my first choice. Not even a single candidate from the right was good in my opinion. Jeb Bush crashed and spiraled as soon as Trump debated him, Cruz has had a pretty suspicious campaign, seemingly willing to do anything to win. Kasich and Carson were both distractions, they didn't have the right character to be President. Rubio may have been an interesting choice, but too establishment for my taste.


    Sorry to write so much, I kinda have been following Politics a lot recently, it's been an important year for us to get it right.

    feature this. hopefully some other mod will see this