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    Kristofferson's Theme

    By Alexandre Desplat

    Submitted by Reversed Reference, Jul 09 2015 01:17 PM | Last updated Jul 15 2015 08:39 AM
    fantastic mr fox alexandre desplat kristofferson theme movie 2009 wes anderson

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    From Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), directed by Wes Anderson.

    Here! It's finished. It's short, but it's definitely my favorite piece of score from the film.

    EDIT: I rewatched the movie with my friend a few days ago, and the picture I have in the background is right before Kristofferson kicks someone in the face using karate, so...lol

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/7ea6f51069fab179db5c66708f17c18d.note
    Old File:


    Those violins are on point

    Those violins are on point

    haha thanks. i thought they turned out well, too.

    Since this was recommended as a feature by 3 people (+me), I'll go ahead and feature this then.

    Oh hey, awesome :)

    Oh hey, awesome :)

    no you

    Since this was recommended as a feature by 3 people

    by the way, where was this recommended, and how are songs recommended now?

    by aliens on a status update

    by aliens on a status update

    oh haha i didn't see that i have warm fuzzies now lol


    and clearwater's status as well. a lot more happens here than i think!