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    Scooby-Doo, Where are You! (Live Action Remix)

    By Warner Bros.

    Submitted by FNAF Fan 127, Nov 19 2017 07:59 PM | Last updated Nov 19 2017 07:59 PM
    scooby-doo warner bros. 2002 the new doo

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    I'll bet some of you guys have watched Scooby-Doo when you were younger; I did (I still do as a matter of fact).

    The first two live action Scooby-Doo movies are probably two of my favorites ever. It has an amazing soundtrack by David Newman, and this particular song is remixed from the original cartoon!


    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/dbb9a63cd63f36e2485639bc4942eab7.note
    Old File:



    LOL, I remember that! Especially when Scooby's voice also changes!