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    By Star

    Submitted by KANSEI DORIFTO, Jul 01 2017 02:24 PM | Last updated Jul 01 2017 02:24 PM
    woodman mm2wood chiptune finished cover star

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    when you're so late to a meme you have to dig it out of the grave of it's son

    on a side note I'm starting to understand why there are so many mega man covers, great tunes but easy to cover in a short amount of time.

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/4ecbff0145983c42b47562764482b82c.note
    Old File:


    I tought "woodworking"!

    I can't beat Wood Man! 
    I can't dodge his falling leaves no matter how many times I try. 
    Even when I try to fall back and stay the distance, 
    he'll still just close up on me again. 
    I have also tried the often-abused repeated pause technique, 
    but I just can't evade the bastard's jumps. 
    So in order to win for sure the next time, 
    I'll be stocking up on nothing but Energy Tanks.