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    Cave Story - Last Battle Remix

    By SupraTheHedgehog

    Submitted by SupraTheHedgehog, Aug 19 2017 05:46 PM | Last updated Aug 19 2017 06:05 PM
    cave story last battle rock v3 guitar drum notessimo

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    First song I made with Notessimo.

    I had the idea to make a rock remix of the Last Battle theme from Cave Story, but I didn't want to use any program I should pay for to use them. Then, I discovered Notessimo, so I though this was the opportunity to remake most of the songs I have in mind.

    Made by SupraTheHedgehog.

    I hope you like it. :D

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/2e3c8c9f10ee9b6970c3f3e8c9e99106.note
    Old File:


    Nice cover! Welcome to Notessimo, enjoy the stay.

    Probably my favorite track from one of my favorite games. There's a few instruments where the volume could use a bit of tweaking, but this is a great job nonetheless!