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    U.N. Owen was Her?

    By ZUN (arr. Blarg)

    Submitted by Blargzargo Hlaaluington, Jun 10 2017 08:12 PM | Last updated Jul 24 2017 04:52 PM
    touhou zun finished loop v3

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    Honestly the most difficult and painful part of this was pitchbending in Audacity using the Paulstretch feature and an equation I crafted to determine where I should start each stretch to make it a perfect quadratic curve. And timescaling was not too nice to me either, it likes to cut off the ends of sheets lol

    Finally tho I've been wanting to finish this song since 2010, only took another Notessimo and 15 RECOVERY's

    Old File:


    I can't hear the hi-hat.

    I can't hear the hi-hat.


    I Can.


    It seems the audio is satured by the melody, appearing 50% the synth and 50% everything else.


    BTW, amazing. I loved how you improved to make the "real sound" of the song