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    Undertale - Your Best Nightmare + Finale

    By Toby Fox

    Submitted by Leeroy_Jenkins_767, Nov 12 2020 08:22 PM | Last updated Jan 04 2021 04:28 PM
    undertale photoshop flowey your best nightmare finale determination neutral route final boss

    Use V3 StandardUse V2 RemasterUse old player

    Okay, I know what you guys are thinking: "Oh my God, another Undertale song? Hasn't this trend on Notessimo died out?" Well, yes, you'd be right, but it's only been recently that I really got into Undertale, and this is one of my favorite songs on there, so there you go.

    (Also the game recently had its fifth anniversary, so I had to make something to commemorate the occasion.)

    So, these two songs plays at the end of the Neutral Route when you fight Photoshop Flowey, which is, in my opinion, the scariest (and hardest, next to sans) boss fight in the whole game.

    Enjoy, and stay determined!

    EDIT (1/4/2021): Added the "Happy 5th anniversary, Undertale!" to the description and edited it a bit; cut the tempo in half in "Enter Photoshop Flowey" so it would look nicer with "Flowey's Laugh". This was a small edit, so don't judge me too thoroughly, okay?

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/a469e4a5f03c92efa41e11adb3deb5df.note
    Old File:


    P.S. I know at least one of you guys are gonna complain about the song not being in the Undertale soundfont. I didn't wanna use it, okay? More accurately, I didn't know how to use it...

    Well, it seems like the player's still not reading edits to songs for some reason, fuuuuu.


    Might as well let Starburst know what's up...