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    One Winged Angel- Final Fantasy VII

    By Jackeea

    Submitted by Jackeea, Aug 06 2013 04:51 PM | Last updated Aug 06 2013 04:51 PM
    one winged angel

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    Been working on this for a while, finally finished it.
    Enjoy! ^^

    File: http://www.notessimo.net/uploads/9fcafb5e53ab1c31f74c8a4a8366be37.note
    Old File:


    What is it with you and green Synths?

    What is it with you and green Synths?

    They're easy to use, and are a generally "8-Bit" sounding note. I usually do chiptune remixes, and they fit the bill well. Some of my earlier remixes used things like pianos, trumpets, and such, but I got tired of them.

    If I hadn't listened to Clonefan's version, I would've been greatly impressed.


    It deserves a fitting backdrop...

    It deserves a fitting backdrop...

    1) Yes it does.

    2) Can't be bothered.

    3) Don't know, and have no intention of finding out.

    4) Don't know of a fitting backdrop.

    5) I'd fuck it up, as I do to everything I do on here.

    good job.

    This is just simply amazing! I love 8-bit music