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Youtube Video Test

Jan 25 2012 12:06 AM | Starburst in Notessimo

New video exporter plus WAV / MP3 / HDD save.

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Working Video Exporter

Mar 06 2012 12:13 AM | Starburst in Notessimo

Try the new video exporter! Windows only for the moment, can anyone confirm that it works by uploading videos to youtube and posting them in the comments?


Test MP4 file, 5.52MB

I will improve the quality, also new update coming soon...

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Welcome to the new website!

Dec 31 2011 01:48 AM | Starburst in Notessimo

Welcome to the new website, an update is coming soon!!!

Hopefully no more spams (I had the old website deleted and deactivated because of that  :( )! Everything should have transferred from the old site, also V3 is coming real soon, and the skin is temporary.

Check out the new search! If you want to check your songs, click on your profile, then 'Find Content' -> 'Pages' -> 'Songs'

I am in a hurry so not everything is working but I'll fix that when I'll have the time  :)

Also Share is broken, it'll works soon, I'll add MP3 save and youtube exporter also at the same time for V2 until V3 came out.

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Small Update

Mar 22 2012 04:45 PM | Starburst in Notessimo

Small update from IP.Board, AJAX comments and song tags, also you can "Like" a song and give reputation points to the author.

*edit* Also moderators can moderate songs now.

More coming soon...

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Notessimo v3 Teaser

May 24 2013 08:53 PM | Tsukasa in Notessimo

Starburst has released an early screencap of the brand new Notessimo build! Looks like a lot of things have been implemented, including irregular time signatures, a sampler, a timeline, and a lot more tools and instruments to use!


(Thanks to Cat, Sonfax, and of course, Starburst and the team!)

Posted Image‚Äč

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Mar 12 2016 10:38 PM | ~Star~ in Notessimo





It has been released.

Also youtube gave us a content strike for whatever reason.

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Notessimo - Community Survey

Mar 07 2020 05:44 PM | Starburst in Notessimo

Hello everyone!

As some of you may have heard, we began the development of a new Notessimo release. We are still early in the process and to make sure we are headed in the right direction, we believe collecting information from the community is vital. If anyone has roughly 5 minutes to spare, answering this survey would be of great help:

Thank you!

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New system to Feature a Song!

Aug 21 2014 01:34 PM | Unpeatiful Pink in Notessimo

Well.. sorry for my english :)

As you may know, I created a topic (see here: http://www.notessimo...-feature-songs/) where I've proposed a new way to feature songs.
That will be:
-An open topic where users can "nominate" songs
-A poll where users vote the "nominated" songs

So, I hope this will be good for feature songs of new users and many other things

Well.. the idea is the following

On the 4th week of every month, a topic will be opened and users may nominate songs following certain requirements

-Each user may nominate at most one song per category (cover or original)
-Each song must be composed in the current month
-A user can not nominate a song composed by him/her
-Any nominated song mustn't be featured before in Notessimo
-Any nominated song mustn't be nominated before in the current month
-Any user can not have more than three nominated songs each month

Then, a Poll will be opene, with the songs.

-Each user can vote up one time
-Moderators vote counts x2. Starburst vote counts x3
-A user can not vote a song composed by him/her

And finally, most voted song in each category (cover and original), and most voted song by normal user (neither maestro nor mod) will be featured.

Please leave your comments, and star nominating here

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